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Since 1979 Fortec has been the benchmark in the ever changing market of enclosures and accessories for the telecommunications industry. Partnering with small and large accounts alike, Fortec has established itself as a customer driven, full service supplier. With leading edge design, manufacturing and superior product support, Fortec tenders vast resources to meet your requirements and solve your problems. With worldwide enclosures, accessories, and marketing representation, Fortec's focus is based entirely on your needs. Throughout our entire range of products and accessories, Fortec represents value, quality, and the partnering spirit.

So Simple . . . and Yet . . .

Fortec's Products Feature

  • Custom Standard Products with Corporate Colors and Customer Artwork
  • Customized Features For Standard Products
  • Complete Custom Design Capabilities
  • Manufacture According to Customer Design
  • Combine Corporate with Specific Logos
  • Subtle to Full-Size Identification

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