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Material: Material is flame resistant and resists most graffiti and surface abrasions. Unlike metal, polyethylene resists denting or deformation, withstands temperature extremes from -40 to 180 degrees.

Mounting Options: Wall mount and Pedestal mount in single, back-to-back, or tri/quad configuration.

Security: All exposed fasteners are pin-in-head type.

Side Accent Panels:

  1. Reflective decal type in four standard colors. Other colors are special order.
  2. Baked enamel porcelain available in five standard colors. Other colors are special order.
Writing Shelf: Slanted writing shelf with universal directory mounting plate. Directory shelf optional.

Enclosure color: Black is standard, other colors available on special order.

Directory facility: Fortec directory swingaway binders and standard chain hung are available for use with the directory mounting plate or optional directory shelf.

Signing:Lighted front tempered glass lens or polycarbonate. (Rear lighted lens optional) Interior lighting. Tempered glass side panels.

  1. "PHONE" only in blue, white, brown, or black.
  2. Other graphics are available.
Light System: Fluorescent lamps. Photo sensor control and circuit breaker are optional. Low voltage optional.

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