PROFILE 2500-2600

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PROFILE 2500-2600

PROFILE 2500-2600


Material: Material is flame resistant and resists most graffiti and surface abrasions. Unlike metal, polyethylene resists denting or deformation. Withstands temperature extremes from -30 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit .

Dimensions: 17-1/2" wide, 13-3/8" deep, 40-1/2" long
2500 accommodates standard phones up to 8-1/2" x 23" (WE,GTE,AE)
2600 accommodates wider phones up to 10-3/8" x 24" (Centurion)

Mounting Options: Wall mount only. Unit has built-in backboard.

Side Accent Panels:

  1. Reflective decal type with four standard colors, other colors are special order.
  2. Baked enamel porcelain available in five standard colors, other color's are special order.

Enclosure color: Black is standard. other colors available on special order.

Writing Shelf: Optional, slanted, stainless steel. Available with universal directory mounting plate or directory shelf.

Directory facility: Fortec directory binders available for use with the directory mounting plate or optional directory shelf.

Signing: Front tempered glass lens or polycarbonate. Tempered glass side panels. Lens flnd interior lighting optional.


  1. "PHONE" only in blue, black or brown on white background.
  2. Independent logo with "PHONE" in blue or black.
  3. Other graphics are available with special order.
Light System: Flourescent lamp 110 voly, 220 volt, or 24 volt lo-volt power. Photo sensor control optional.

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